RuFilms Innovation

innovations expanding human cognitive abilities

In RuFilms Innovation we specialize in creating cognitive user-friendly gadgets as “extensions” of human body organs, their movement and perception.


RuFilms Innovation is one of the few Russian companies working on the creation of cognitive user-friendly gadgets for intuitive UAV and ground drone control, education of sensory impaired people, navigation in enclosed spaces for foreigners, etc. Different types of cognitive user-friendly devices – myoarmband, talking measuring tools for secondary schools education, etc. – are the “technological extension” of human body abilities that adapt to the body without any special training.



MyoMouse (Миомышь) is a device about the size of a fitness tracker that receives electrical brain signals that control hands and fingers movements and transforms those signals into the commands for different devices.



gaming systems

Phygital (physics + digital) is a new field where reality touches upon or even blends with digital space.

Phygital игровые системы

Digital accessibility

Digital accessibility implies adaptation of audiovisual materials for people with special perceptual needs. For example, for people with hearing and vision impairments it’s done with the help of audio description or special subtitles for the deaf.

цифровая доступность

Our team

Алексей Козуляев

Alexey Kozulyaev

Promotion, marketing, financing


Elena Konotopova

Patent and organizational matters


Anton Saveliev

Development and production


Polina Andreeva

Sales and projects coordination

Иван Борщевский

Ivan Borschevsky

Cognitive studies and hand signals

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